Si chuan cai: Onion and pork

Ingredients: watercress, two-cut meat, onion, peppercorns, sugar, small mustard oil, ginger, green onions, salt, monosodium glutamate, etc.


Cut the fresh pork into the right amount, put it in the water and boil it in medium heat, add the onion, ginger and pepper to remove the smell of meat. (If there are no green onions, ginger, pepper, you can not add)


When the second knife meat is cooked until the chopsticks can easily penetrate the pork, it can be removed and cooled and cut into moderate slices. The onions are also washed and sliced. (Chopsticks can penetrate pork even if the meat is cooked, sliced pork is too thick or too thin)


the wok is heated and poured into small mustard oil. After the oil temperature is getting higher, put the pepper overheated oil. Put the cut two-knife meat into the pot and stir fry until the pieces are curled. Then add the big fragrant fresh pepper bean paste and add a small amount of white sugar.


After the oysters and peppers to be placed, continue to stir fry.


Add the onion slices and stir-fry the meat together until the onions are cooked and cooked. Add salt, MSG, etc. according to your taste.


carry out


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